Are you a content creator based in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland or Germany? Great! We are looking for content creators on freelance basis for upcoming events and projects. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship that works over time.

As a Content Creator, you'll be teaming up with the Growth and Creative crew to capture all the events and activations we're up to in our focus countries. We're on the lookout for someone who can help us with both awesome videos and killer photos – and yeah, a bit of video editing too. Your job? Make our activities look as awesome on screen as they are in real life.

We are in need of your creative touch to spice things up. If you're into snapping pics, shooting videos, and making them pop, we want you on board. Let's document our journey and show the world what we're all about!

Excited? Us too. Join us and let's make some content together!

Camera Equipment:

  • High-quality DSLR or mirrorless camera for still photography.
  • Professional video camera capable of shooting in various resolutions (1080p, 4K, etc.).
  • A variety of lenses for different shooting scenarios (wide-angle, prime, telephoto, etc.).

Lighting Gear:

  • External flashes for still photography.
  • Lighting kits for video shoots, including softboxes, reflectors, and LED panels.

Audio Equipment:

  • External microphone for capturing high-quality audio during video shoots.
  • Windshields and other accessories to minimize background noise.

Editing Software:

  • Proficiency in video editing software
  • Photo editing software skills
  • Proficient in color grading, video effects, and other post-production techniques for both photos and videos.

Portfolio and References:

  • A strong portfolio showcasing a variety of work, demonstrating versatility and skill in both photography and videography.

Creativity and Innovation:

  • Ability to bring creative ideas to the table for both video and photo shoots.
  • Willingness to experiment with new techniques and styles.

We believe that you are:

  • Based in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland or Germany.
  • Fluent in each countrys language.
  • Experienced in shooting sports events
  • Adaptable and flexible

What we offer
We offer an opportunity to build something great together. ICIW is in a growth phase and is strengthening the team to take the company worldwide, one step at a time. You will have the opportunity to build something cool here!

This is on freelance basis where the aim is to build a long lasting relationship. contract is per day and you need to have a registered firm. Interviews are held continuously. There is multiple positions for each country.

Please send application and links to your portfolio to our in-house photographer: